I’m Brittany Darrington, an entrepreneur, a certified business coach, strategist and John C. Maxwell business leadership personality. But those are my official titles. In my everyday life, I'm a high energy Texas gal who is obsessed with celebrating everything with my amazing BD and Corporate Misfit Club team. I love wearing yoga clothes all day, drinking red wine out of my favorite coffee mugs, laughing loud, and my guilty pleasures of writing a business plan on napkins for strangers who sit next to me on the airplane (you can't make this stuff up). Everyone is my BFF unless told otherwise. 

Oh, and I also help women start wildly profitable businesses. 

Just your Corporate Misfit with nothing more than passion, a laptop and big dreams, helping women like you tap into their unique gifts and make their business dreams a reality. 

One of the things I’m often asked is"How on earth did you start a business?"

Since the age of eight, I've been a certified hustler who sold lemonade at my lemonade stand in the neighborhood and sold artwork to classmates at school.

After working at a Fortune 500 company, I quickly discovered that the 9-5 world was not for me. I was frustrated for feeling stuck in the rat race and not using my strengths and full potential. Oh and the office politics  was not my cup of tea. 

So I decided to gave up the security of my six-figure marketing director position and go full force in building a business I love (Yes, I had a savings for cushion...).

I later coined the term "Corporate Misfit Entrepreneur" because I just didn’t (and never will) fit into a 9-5 box.



But it wasn't all gravy...I started my first side business on a whim without knowing who I wanted to serve.  I didn’t know what I was doing. Like many of the women I coach, I made it up as I went.

After investing over $4000 in my first  business it flopped in five short months.

This experience temporarily made me feel like a failure and questioning this whole entrepreneurial journey. 

I knew I needed to make a 180 in this business world ASAP so I could avoid going back to the 9-5 rat race.  

That’s why this is so important.

You don’t have to make it up as you go. I want to help women like me, , and women like you who have a big dream and want to turn it into a wildly successful and impactful reality.

I'm so glad I didn't give up on my  entrepreneurial dream or I would be here sharing my valuable business lessons with you now.

I don’t know where you are today as you read this. Maybe you are an aspiring female entrepreneur and you want to do more of what you love but you're not sure how.  Maybe you have your idea, but you need help getting creating a strategy and turning it into a business. Maybe you’ve been in business and you’re on the verge of burnout or experience a stagnant business. Wherever you are, I want you to know that I am here for you. And more importantly, I want you to know that you can build a wildly successful business. You’ve got the passion, and I’ll help you create a business strategy to make money doing what you love.

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