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A Peek Inside The Corporate Misfit Club

Thinking of starting a business?

When I first started my online business I had no idea what I was doing, no online skills, no email marketing skills, no sales funnel skills, and so on...

Honestly, I was like a deer staring at headlights. I would start one project, then I would start working on another project because I didn't know what to focus on. 

If there’s anyone that understands this who new business thing, it’s me; It can be crazy overwhelming to learn “all the things you need for your new business”.

You know what I’m talking about.

You dream of a business that is profitable, impactful and successful...

But owning a business is not always easy. In fact, it feels like you are drowning in your to-do-list and no one is there to pull you up out of it.  

You’re working on setting up your website, then you have to learn how to find your ideal customer, get traffic to your website, market yourself on social media, and the list goes on.  

What if you had a resource at your disposal that taught you the business stuff you need when you need it?

That’s exactly why we decided to create The Corporate Misfit Club. 

The Corporate Misfit Club is a membership site for female entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals who want to succeed in their business. You're here right now, so my guess is that you want to find out more :) so all the information you need is below.

The best part?

We’ll be adding new courses every month that YOU get to choose. That’s right – you get to vote on the course that you want to see next in The Corporate Misfit Club.

But we’ve gone ahead and added some of the most in-demand services for you.

Here’s what’s in the Corporate Misfit Club so far:


  • Email Marketing Business Bundle
  • How to Use Social Media To Increase Your Traffic and Grow Your List 
  • Start A Sales Funnel Business Bundle 
  • Savvy In SEO Business Bundle
  • Facebook Ads for Any Business 
  • How to Outsource and Hire a Virtual Assistant in Your New Business
  • Legal for Your Business Bundle 
  • Content that Connects & Converts
  • Goal Planning For Your Business 
  • How to Create A Content Strategy 
  • How to Get PR for Your Business 

And so much more... 

Since the Corporate Misfit Club is a membership community, it means that as long as you are a member you will have instant, unlimited access to all of the masterclasses and business bundles we have in the Corporate Misfit Club.

Now, I’ve been getting quite a few questions about The Corporate Misfit Club, since we opened the doors.

I thought I would take some time to answer some of our most common questions.

Can I get an inside look at The Corporate Misfit Club?  

When will I get access to the training material?

You will gain immediate access to our video training material after you’ve joined The Corporate Misfit Club.  

What if I only want access to a few of the courses? Can I purchase them individually? 

We have decided not to make our business bundle training available for individual sale. The Corporate Misfit Club is $47 per month. Each one of the courses could easily sell for $150-$500 each. For this reason, we decided to give you an “all-access pass.”

If you only need one course, no problem. Simply join the club and take the one course, and then cancel your membership (You can cancel at any time). 

How long does my membership last? 

The Corporate Misfit Club is a month to month membership subscription. You will be billed every 30 days for access. Find that you don’t need the courses anymore? Simply cancel your membership. You can stay in the Corporate Misfit Club as long as you need access to the Business Trainings and Membership Community. 

I’m thinking about waiting to jump into the Corporate Misfit Club. Is there any reason I should join now instead of later?

In the future, as the content and value of the Corporate Misfit Club increases, so will the price (there actually is a fast-approaching deadline for when the current rate will increase!). 

Aka – NOW is the time to get in and lock in the current pricing. (It really is a steal for how much content and support is available.)

Think about this – how much TIME are you wasting trying to figure out how to run your business on your own? Looking up countless offers and webinar promises and looking up YouTube videos and blog posts on the topics (that usually lead you nowhere!)? 

Time is money. The time you save getting DIRECT access to the tutorials you need gives you more time to go find PAYING CLIENTS and BUILD A BUSINESS YOU LOVE!

Ready to learn how to start, launch, and grow your business? 

Click here to join The Corporate Misfit Club for just $47 per month.


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