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How to Know If Your Product Is Going To Be A Hero

How to Know If Your Product Is Going To Be A Hero
Have you ever watched the hit show "Shark Tank" on ABC? I fell in love with this show from the start when my former professor was featured on season one, pitching her clothing line.

Though Shark Tank is an excellent show for entrepreneurs, it does not show the full pitch or the whole behind the scenes conversations between the entrepreneur and shark. Show how do you know if your product is going to be a "Hero" like Lori Greiner say's or if your product is "dead" like Kevin O'Leary says.

To help you know if your product is a "Hero" or "Dead," I want to share a few questions from Lori Greiner's book "Invent It, Sell It, Bank It."

Let's dive in:

1) What is my product?
2) Does it solve a problem?
3) Is it unique?
4) Is it something people will need or want?
5) Is it demonstrable?
6)How do you make it?
7)Is it safe?
8)Who is your target market
9)Is it consumable?  

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