EPISODE 13: The Leap of Faith That Led Her To Helping Others

Learn how to escape the 9-5 and start your dream business by listening to our expert interviews, mini execution plans, and learning intimate behind-the-scenes secrets of how I started and successfully launched my business… all tied together by my ONE mission to help you START a profitable and impactful business you love!

In this Confessions of A Corporate Misfit episode, I sat down with Krista Rizzo who it the founder and author of Why Am I Yelling? 

We're talking about how she left a Fortune 10 company and put her name on the list to receive a package to leave her unfulfilling and toxic positing during a company acquisition. 

Krista Rizzo is the very definition of #WhyAmIYelling? Once an aspiring talk show host, she’s now a Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and the creator of the “Inspiring Transformation” programs, where she is determined to YELL about spreading optimism everywhere she goes. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her very tolerant husband and their two boys. When she’s not busy being the World’s Okayest Mom, Krista can be found hiding in her closet enjoying the peace and quiet with a good book, a glass of Prosecco and some dark chocolate.

Put those earbuds in and listen right away but if you want a sneak peek of what we talk about during this episode, here you go:

  • Why Krista left her unfulfilling and toxic position at a Fortune 10 company 
  • How Krista decided to start her own business after interviewing none stop for different companies 
  • Krista's tips to managing her day and her daily practices 
  • Sharing how Krista found her ideal clients when starting her business
  • What inspired Krista to write her new book. 
  • How Krista turned her Why Am I Yelling? blog into a media empire. 
  • Plus... Get a overview of the chapters in Krista's new book "Why Am I Yelling
  • Let's dive in!

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