EPISODE 28: How this Mompreneur Quit the 9-5 to Make Money Moves

Learn how to escape the 9-5 and start your dream business by listening to our expert interviews, mini execution plans, and learning intimate behind-the-scenes secrets of how I started and successfully launched my business… all tied together by my ONE mission to help you START a profitable and impactful business you love!

In today’s Friday feature session, we’re chatting with financial expert Jen Paterson on how she

left her 9-5 to start a business helping women succeed with money.  

Jen has worked in the financial industry for over 10 years and is addicted to talking about money! She started out as a filing assistant at credit counseling firm while she completed her Economics Degree at the University of Victoria. After graduating at the top of her class she obtained her investment licenses and became a financial advisor. After 5 years she decided to leave her practice to become a full-time Dollar Diva and dedicate her time to helping women learn about money.

Put those earbuds in and listen right away but if you want a sneak peek of what we talk about during the interview, here you go:

  • How she fell in love with money at a young age.
  • How she got started with Dollar Divas
  • How to select a business partner
  • How to communicate with your business partner
  • The superhero syndrome  several mompreneurs experience
  • Jen's support team
  • How Jen manages to be a mom and an entrepreneur
  • Why Jen set-ups multiple bank accounts for her business
  • Weathering the financial storm
  • How Jen found her ideal customers
  • Why Jen loves being an entrepreneur

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