Want To Know How To Make Complicated Sales Funnels & Landing Pages A Thing In The Past?

Get our high-converting Kajabi templates to help you grow your list and start making sales on autopilot. No ugly crying or tech struggle required. Our sales page templates are plug 'n' play. 


Starting At Only $129


You've spent countless hours trying to figure out the whole sales funnel thing, and what to do to get new leads, and feel like you have an endless to-do list when it comes to getting your funnels pages designed, integrated, and setup. But when it comes to actually creating and putting it out there, you keep putting it off. You see other business owners with awesome landing pages, and you want the same thing, but you're not exactly sure what to do. 

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You've been trying to figure out this technical side of things, and you find yourself drinking a massive glass of wine and shedding ugly tears, wishing these funnels and landing pages would magically come together and be set up by your fairy business godmother. 

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Your business and email list have been stagnant. You've heard all these so-called "experts" rave about their massive success with funnels and how amazing they can be for your business, but creating the funnel and landing pages is overly complicated than people make it seem.

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You've been piecing these sales funnel and landing page things for months with little to no results to show for it. Not to mention you're using 3 to 5 platforms to make this system run, and it is getting pricey, nor are you sure you're on the right platforms for your business. 


Make creating landing pages and sales funnels easy and stress-free?How awesome would it feel to ditch the tech struggle finally? To easily share your new opt-in idea or the latest digital product you want to launch without the overwhelm? 

Eliminate taking months to create a stunning and effective landing page, you create one in just a couple of hours?  

Feel confident instead of clueless or bogged down with technical details?

It’s time for you to master this whole sales funnel thing. It’s completely possible for you to work less and earn more by generating sales on autopilot. 

Great News! There's an easier way to create landing pages for your sales funnel.

And it takes a whole lot less effort and ends up looking way more professional without having to spend big bucks on subscription tools.

Instead of paying a yearly or monthly subscription for software like Clickfunnels or Leadpages, you can pay once and have templates you can use for life!

Creating high converting landing pages doesn't have to be rocket science or make you want to pull your hair out and drink the tallest glass of wine
(you just need a little help from our Kajabi templates.)

That's a pretty sweet deal! 

Plus, the templates are so easy to use, you don't need complicated software to figure it out.



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Cut out the stress and time it takes to build your marketing campaigns.
Get our Landing Page Templates  & Website Pages and save time and energy, with beautiful, high-converting results. 

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☑️8 professionally-designed and high converting landing page templates to use with Kajabi. Includes opt-in page short, opt-in page long, tripwire page, thank you page, sales page, offer expired page/waitlist page, webinar registration page, and replay webinar page. 

☑️6 professionally-designed Kajabi website pages. Includes home page, about page, service page, shop/course page, blog/podcast page, and a contact page.

☑️ Access to our online training the Members' Portal to show you exactly how to upload files to Kajabi, make edits to the pages, and integrate the pages to create a funnel so you can feel confident about creating the landing pages on your own.

☑️ Free Lifetime Updates to all landing page templates. You'll get immediate access as we improve each design and add more features. 

☑️Technical Support from my team, the designers and developers who strategically crafted and designed these Kajabi landing page templates.

☑️100+ Curated Royalty-Free Photos to help you find images that pair well with our templates for FREE. We've created a curated collection of photos that resemble the pictures used in our demo's.

Click here to view our Sales Kit demo's

Click here to view the website demo 



How It Works When You Purchase The Misfit Landing Pages...

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After you purchase the Misfit Landing Page Templates, you'll receive an email with your receipt to assets folder to download links and access to your online customer portal.

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Join the online Members' Portal (no additional cost), download the assets, upload the assets to Kajabi, and then follow our step-by-step instructions and video tutorials.

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Once you have the files uploaded to your Kajabi account, change the colors, fonts, and add in your copy and photos, as you please. Now you're ready to launch your beautiful landing pages! 

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If you're thinking, "That's great! But I have no freakin' clue how to use these templates."

I've got just the answer for you.

Using our Misfit Landing Pages, can create an endless amount of sales funnels/pipelines for your digital products to help build and grow your online business on autopilot. And make the most of each new subscriber you capture.

These templates work seamlessly with any Kajabi Platform. All you have to do is upload the files we provide at checkout to your Kajabi website (don't worry, we'll show you exactly how to do this in a stress-free step-by-step video).

We’ve got a template for every sales funnel need. Plus a website to match

Here are just a few examples of how you can use our templates:

An Opt-in Lead Magnet

Promote your next freebie and get more subscribers on your list with this simple funnel.

  • Create a beautiful Opt-in page
  • Build a Thank You page for after they sign up and direct them to share it with friends

A Webinar Funnel

Use this funnel anytime you want to promote a webinar or special training.

  • Create a Webinar registration page
  • Create a Thank You page
  • Go Live on Zoom, Youtube, or FB
  • Use our Template for your Webinar Replay page

A Sales Page

This funnel is perfect for a new digital product or program you're rolling out.

  • Create a sales page (with a limited time offer as well)
  • Create the Thank You page for after purchase
  • Create an Offer Expired page or Waitlist page (Redirect visitors to this page when the offer runs out)

A Tripwire "fast action" offer

Turn subscribers into buyers by offering a limited-time low-price point product immediately after they sign up for your email list.

  • Once you have created an Opt-in page, create a tripwire page with a limited time offer
  • Direct subscribers to the tripwire page with limited time offer immediately after signing up
  • After the tripwire offer has been purchased, send them to the Thank You page

Two Ways To Get In On The Misfit Landing Pages Bundle Party!

How awesome would it feel to finally ditch the tech struggle? To create a stunning and effective landing page in just a couple hours rather than a couple weeks?

Misfit Landing Pages Only


One-Time Payment

Sales Page: A long-form sales page created for conversion

→Webinar: A short sales page to promote your pre-launch webinar

→Waitlist: Collect emails in between launches with this strategic opt-in page

→Lead Magnet: Promote a freebie to start building your email list before your launch 

→Tripwire: Upsell your irresistible offer after users access your lead magnet

→Thank You Page: A confirmation page for after your webinar or purchase


Misfit Landing Pages + Victoria Website Template


One-Time Payment

6 professionally-designed Kajabi website pages. Includes home page, about page, service page, shop/course page, blog/podcast page, and a contact page. Click here to take a peek...

Sales Page: A long-form sales page created for conversion

→Webinar: A short sales page to promote your pre-launch webinar

→Waitlist: Collect emails in between launches with this strategic opt-in page

→Lead Magnet: Promote a freebie to start building your email list before your launch 

→Tripwire: Upsell your irresistible offer after users access your lead magnet

→Thank You Page: A confirmation page for after your webinar or purchase

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"I was so excited to get my hands on these beautiful landing page templates! Before purchasing, I use to would sit in front of my computer with a blank stare, wondering how to make this funnel come together. I'm a business entrepreneur, and I like for things to be simple and easy–especially since I travel a ton for work. Within the first month, I had a 16% conversion rate with my tripwire page. Plus, I had a 21% increase of opt-ins for my lead magnet! I now use all the landing pages. I LOVE THEM ALL. I've officially been able to cancel all the other monthly subscriptions I've been using." 

Tammy S.,- High-Performance Coach

"I would highly recommend Brittany's Misfit Landing Page Bundle for Kajabi because they were straightforward to set up with excellent online support, easy to follow video tutorials, and it was reasonably priced. Though Kajabi is a pretty easy platform to navigate, I did not have the time to try to figure out which page I should have after each of my opt-ins, nor did I have the money to invest in a designer who would know what order to place the landing pages. It was such a sense of achievement to be able to work out the pages myself. Now I am confident to make more sales funnels to grow my business. I can use the landing page and thank you page anytime without paying someone else to create them for me."

– Natalie K., Behavioral Counselor 
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✓ You're a entrepreneur, small business owner, course creator, or blogger who has a Kajabi platform

✓ You're feeling overwhelmed and wish there was an easier way to quickly create beautiful landing pages, sales pages, and websites without hiring a expensive designer

✓ You're done DIY-ing everything but not ready to hire someone yet

✓ You're ready to grow your business, create automations and do less design work


❌You're not using the Kajabi platform

❌If you want our team to customize your landing pages to your branding and do done-for-you-services.

❌You enjoy spending countless designing your sales and website pages 

❌If you're selling physical products on an eCommerce

❌You enjoy keeping the process complicated and overwhelming

Don't Let Sales Funnels Keep You From Reaching Your Revenue Goals!

I'm Brittany, Business & Marketing Strategist For New Online Business Owners Who Want Freedom.

I know what it's like to want to set up your sale funnels or pipeline, but you have no freakin' clue what to do or what order to put your pages.

Or maybe technology is keeping you from hitting your sales goals.
That's why my team and I created these pre-made templates for your Kajabi platform.

Let me show you how to set up funnels the simple and easy way with our Misfit Landing Page Templates! 

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Stop stressing over sales funnels and tech stuff!

Our Landing Page Templates will help you take your sales funnel to the next level by building a beautiful opt-in page, sales page, and more with minimal effort and zero frustration.

See All The Demos Here



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"Brittany knocked it out of the park! The landing pages are efficient and the work she produced exceed my expectations."

Laura H. Founder of Mama Systems. 


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Purchasing the Misfit Landing Pages may lead to:

  • MORE SALES: Your tribe will notice and connect with your irresistible products through your new tripwire, sales page, and pipelines. So get ready to grab your ideal customers attention with lead magnets and begin to convert leads into customers.
  • RECOGNITION: When your brand looks good with a strategic marketing strategy, you help your audience to like, trust, and buy from you. 
  • PROFESSIONALISM: Your sales pipelines will work seamlessly ensuring your customer is taken care of from start  to finish. 

Get The Best Landing Page Templates That Convert Like Crazy

Get your Landing Page Templates today and easily create beautiful sales funnels that work! No more pulling your hair out trying to figure out design, coding, integration, or funnel layouts to get your sales pages to look just right! 



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