Want To Know How To Stop Struggling With Technology So You Can Have a Highly Profitable  Business Selling Your Knowledge and Expertise Online On An Easy-To-Use, Automated Tech System?

...Even if you're NOT tech-savvy and have been struggling with technology in your business!



You already know that you can’t run an online business without a tech platform. But, you’re seeking a platform that is not complicated, not hard to set up, nor is it hard to manage.

Can you relate to this?

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You say to yourself, “I’m not tech-savvy at all. This tech stuff is overly complicated, so now, I need to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars hiring someone to do this for me.”

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When you think about opt-ins, servers, website plugins, sales pages, or even pipelines, your mind goes numb, and you start to panic from all the confusion and overwhelm.

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Maybe you've been wanting to pull your hair out saying “I’m making myself CRAZY trying to figure out how to get my domain name to work with my new website, connect my pipelines with my webinar or opt-ins, and the list goes on!


Even though Kajabi is remarkably easy to use than some of the other platforms that exist like a WordPress system, it still takes time to learn, and there are some tricky components to navigate when looking to setup and launch with Kajabi. 

If you watch every single Kajabi training provided in the Kajabi University (which is phenomenal), it could take you 40+ hours to learn how to use it and get your platform ready for launch mode. 


Cut the overwhelming Kajabi learning period that could take 40+ hours of learning down to 3 or 4 hours without having to hire an expensive website developer or feel overwhelmed with technology...

Say ‘goodbye’ to the technology headaches that have held you, hostage, from being able to launch your membership, course, coaching, or training, selling your knowledge and expertise online... 

Help you connect to your customers through pipelines and sales pages that aren’t sleazy marketing or business tactics that make you or your customers feel icky... 

Get your ideal customers to buy courses, memberships, or coaching without a complicated process or janky technology system... 

Set up your high converting website that guides your audience to take action by opting in to your lead magnets, joining your email list, or buying your programs.... 

Wake up to payment notifications EVERY.SINGLE.DAY...


Sounds too good to be true?

I don’t blame you!

I guess that you’ve heard countless online course or membership success stories.

You’ve seen these Corse Creators and the knowledge industry boast skyrocketing sales through courses, memberships, masterminds, coaching, and more. 

But for some reason, you can’t seem to figure out the “magic” course creation formula for yourself.

You’re confused by all the conflicting “free advice” that everyone seems to give, the moment you mention selling your knowledge online or creating an online course. 

Because most of that advice is piecemeal.

Running a business selling your knowledge and expertise can be simple.

You don’t need use complicated systems, websites, funnels or strategies to get members to join your training programs, courses, or coaching.

You can have a SIMPLE HYPER PROFITABLE BUSINESS by implementing ONE simple system on a straightforward platform. 

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Get instant access to an entire library of tools and resources to help you build and launch your first digital products, course, or membership and make your first $1,000 and become a Kajabi Hero in no time!

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☑️All 5 of The Kajabi Misfit Lounge core videos with over 4 hours of in-depth step by step training, detailed checklists and homework, podcastable audio lessons, printable PDF notes - ($1999 Value)

☑️AN EXTENDED 28-Day Trial To The Kajabi Platform, which will show you, step-by-step, exactly what steps you can take RIGHT NOW to get your online course up and running the right way and start generating $1,000/months. ($149 Value)

☑️My $1K in 28 Days Roadmap to help layout exactly what you need to do to become a Kajabi Hero. ($47 Value)

☑️The Kajabi Bonus Vault including 3 Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Masterclass videos to help you take the core training to the next level ($349 Value)

Module 1 - Your Kajabi Roadmap

How to find the perfect profitable business idea for you even if it’s in a saturated market

  • Providing Value: The secret sauce to success on Kajabi 
  • Overcoming Mental Barriers: Combat the three mental barriers women business owners face that keep us from reaching business success 
  • Simple Strategy for Lifetime Customers: Learn how to build strong relationships and create raving fans
  • Kajabi Success Factor: Discover what the 7-figure Kajabi users do and how you can implement it as well. 

Module 2 - Email Marketing

Learn how to use the power of email and create an ongoing email sequence to help you sell 24/7

  • Setting up Sequences in Kajabi: Learn how to automate your business so you can generate revenue 24/7
  • Nurturing Your List Ongoing: Creating a winning strategy to help you easily connect with your audience ongoing to share value, recent updates, and promotions
  • How to provide value over pitching: Learn the importance of giving value first and how to introduce offers confidently
  • Copywriting best practices that allow you to convert in emails 

Module 3 - Your Digital Product

The two best types of digital products to create first (and how to build them for free)

  • A powerful psychological technique to get your customers to make your first product that  guarantees program purchases
  • Creating your product on Kajabi the simple way
  •  Copywriting secrets for sales (McDonald’s has been using for years) that don’t leave you feeling icky or forceful 

Module 4 - Pipelines and Automation

  • How to build pipelines in 15 minutes on Kajabi even if sales funnels have scared you in the past
  • How to generate $10K from Your Pipeline on autopilot without having to lift a finger 
  • How to make your pipeline irresistible on Kajabi while letting it run automatically turning your prospects into customers
  • My step-by-step playbook to your pipeline order 

Module 5 - Your Website

How to optimize your website for massive income growth on Kajabi with step-by-step trainings

  • Build the perfect site on Kajabi that helps guide and convert your visitors
  • Why you shouldn’t focus on social media (and why big brands like Apple and Amazon would agree)
  • Getting endless traffic to site with my  proven methods (without having to spend a dime on Facebook ads)
  • Best low-cost tools to build your online empire


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Extended 28 Day Trial To The Kajabi Platform

With an extended 28 day trial to Kajabi, you’ll be able to create a website easily with free hosting. Setup a completely robust email marketing with all the expensive automation tools. Create and sell online courses, coaching, monthly memberships, and all types of digital products. Build pipeline funnels to take your prospect to a customer with every single page built out for you ($149 Value). 

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$1K In 28 Days Workbook + Video Challenge

You'll receive instant access to video trainings with specific strategies that are crucial when it comes to building an online course selling memberships, courses, or live coaching using Kajabi, the #1 Knowledge platform that helps you build a wildly successful business selling your expertise in an all in one platform ($999 Value).

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The Ultimate BONUS VAULT + Exclusive Masterclasses

Get exclusive access to:

  • 4 part Video Training + Guided Action Sheets: Opt Ins That Turn Strangers Into Customers By Vanessa Ryan ($149 Value)
  • 4 Part Video Training + Guided Action Sheets DIY Virtual Retreat: Your Content Strategy with Hailey Dale ($129 Value) 
  • Video Training: Create Successful Sale Funnels with Katie Colella  ($74 Value)

Girl, You Don’t Need To Be A Tech Wizard to Start Selling Your Knowledge Online...  That's Why The Kajabi Misfit Lounge Was Created! You Can Get Instant Access For Just One Payment of $97.

Let me show you the way! In the Kajabi Misfit Lounge, you can start selling your online course, membership, coaching, or masterminds in no time.


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-Natalie R., Student

"The 28-day Kajabi Challenge and access to the Kajabi Misfit Lounge gave me the blueprint that spills exactly what I need to do to develop a successful business that doesn't require me to give up family time. I have a step-by-step outline and just a few days away from launching my course! "



I was listening to all the noise out there. It only left me feeling disappointed, overwhelmed and left to piecemeal my business. 

I've already experienced the trial and error. Now let me help you to avoid some of the typical course creator mistakes and get proven methods that work. 

I am dedicated to helping you build a hyper profitable business selling your knowledge and expertise online by showing you how to eliminate technology, overwhelm, or launching barriers! 

Don't Keep Pulling Your Hair Out With 14+ Platforms That Leave You Feeling Confused & Overwhelmed... Get Access To All of This For Only One Payment of $97

Click the button to get started instantly!



You're passionate about using your skills, knowledge, and interests to help other people.

You're tired of the 9-5 grind and want flexibility and freedom that comes from owning a legitimate online business.

you're tired of scammy get-rich-quick promises from people who know better but choose not to give you the whole truth.


If you're expecting a magic pill to make money. I can't promise that!

You except results without putting in the work. You have to be passionate about building an online business.

If you are NOT looking to sell digital products, services, coaching, courses, and/or memberships

Frequently Asked Questions

Build Your Business Selling Your Expertise Online

$97 One-Time Payment

Here's What You're Going To Get

☑️All 5 of The Kajabi Misfit Lounge core videos with over 4 hours of in-depth step by step training, detailed checklists and homework, podcastable audio lessons, printable PDF notes - ($1999 Value)

☑️AN EXTENDED 28-Day Trial To The Kajabi Platform, which will show you, step-by-step, exactly what steps you can take RIGHT NOW to get your online course up and running the right way and start generating $1,000/months. ($149 Value)

☑️My $1K in 28 Days Roadmap to help layout exactly what you need to do to become a Kajabi Hero. ($47 Value)

☑️The Kajabi Bonus Vault including 3 Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Masterclass videos to help you take the core training to the next level ($349 Value)

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Our Money Guarantee...

I have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you do the work and are not satisfied with results, you can send us an email through the portal we will get you refunded.

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-Melissa B., Student

"It has taken me almost a year to launch my digital products. From not knowing which platform to use or how to make everything function, I actually feel confident with Kajabi. The trainings in the challenge with Brittany are direct with no fluff. Brittany is also a life saver providing a landing page that actually helps me get my pipeline up and running."

It's Time To Gain A Positively Unfair Advantage Selling Your Expertise And Knowledge Online Impacting The People You Love While Making A Profit

Take the next step to help your business thrive in an industry that is looking to TRIPLE in the next five years (Projected by Forbes).
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