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A 5-day business challenge to help women like you build your dream business with clarity and confidence. 



Start The Right Business is a FREE 5-Day online training business Bootcamp that guides you to take action and strategically build a strong business foundation. 

When joining this challenge, we'll show you what to do to start your business + HOW to do it.



1. STOP procrastinating and START taking action.

2. Learn proven strategies to build a strong business foundation with confidence.

3. Create a flexible, self-sufficient lifestyle with income from your business.


What's Keeping You From Starting Your Business? 

Let's get really clear about what the problem actually is -- and is NOT.
First of all, it's NOT a lack of time! Because the truth is, you can start and build a successful, profitable business in as little as 10 - 15 hours/week.

It's also NOT a lack of knowledge. You know a lot! In fact, you might even be overwhelmed with all the information that's out there. But knowing a lot of info isn't the same as knowing exactly what your next step should be.

>> The problem is you lack clarity about what you need to focus on right now to strategically start your business. <<


Before Your Start: What Do You Need To Start?

To properly start your business, you'll need to take time to identify what is required for you to start. In this lesson, we'll go over some of the pre-launch items that you might need to ensure you are building a strong foundation.

Day 1: Your Business Goals + Who Do You Want To Serve?

It's essential to gain clarity on what you want for yourself and your business. Without a clear understanding of what you want, you'll find yourself experiencing a lack of focus and no direction for your business destination. 

Day 2: Creating Your Products & Services + Market Research

When starting a business, you want to have clarity on the product or service you plan to sell to your ideal customers. In this lesson, you'll learn how to select your product/service, how to price, and understand why the product exists.

Day 3: Developing A Marketing & Sales Strategy

You know you have a great product or service, but can you convince your ideal customer to buy it? In this lesson, we will focus on identifying your marketing vehicles and developing your marketing and sales strategy to attract your ideal customers.

Day 4: Understanding How You Will Run Your Business

How will you run your business? In this lesson, you'll learn, how to execute the essential functions of your company, including manufacturing, product or service, keeping on top of inventory, and delivering your product/service to your customer. 

Day 5: Knowing Your Financials and Making A Game Plan

Before you start the launch stage, this lesson will help you to take the time the time to understand your numbers in your business. Keeping up with numbers and understanding what they mean might take time, but I promise you'll be on track to running a successful business.


(Yes, we might be crazy.) Ready to take action and finally start growing your business?

"While working with Brittany, I gained clarity on WHO I AM as a business. The business planning portion was extremely THOROUGH. I’ve been able to narrow down my focus and hone in on what I want my ideal audience to experience when purchasing my digital product and online course. Through this teaching, I am able to have a more definitive language coming out of me."

Angela W.
Inner Reflections

"After meeting and speaking with Brittany, I feel like parts of the puzzle that were missing for so long are finally coming together. Brittany is easy to connect with, direct, and her attention to detail is amazing. She is able to deliver next steps in a way that is constructive, helpful and motivating. She drives you to become the best version of yourself for your business and where you want to go."

Jessie Zahner


Can I show you the step-by-step workbook that we'll be using in "Start The Right Business Bootcamp?"


Meet Your Business Coach

I'm Brittany Darrington, an entrepreneur, business strategist, speaker, podcaster, & philanthropist dedicated to helping women build wildly successful businesses.

Over the last decade, I have started companies in several spaces which include retail, creative agency, speaking, online education, and e-commerce.

My Entrepreneurial career has provided me the pleasure of working alongside John C. Maxwell, Deshawn Watson, Houston Astros Foundation, Lance McCullen Jr. Foundation, Tilman & Paige Fertitta, Allie LaForce, The Houston Texans, The McNair Foundation and many other notable organizations and business owners.

Ready to build your dream business?


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Frequently Asked Questions

Start The Right Business Bootcamp definitely is NOT for everyone, and I only want you to join this FREE challenge if it’s a good fit. To put it simply, this challenge is for motivated aspiring and new entrepreneurs who are READY to take action to create the life and business they truly desire.

Looking for get-rich-quick? Sorry, you’re in the wrong spot. In this challenge, you'll learn proven strategies to build a strong business foundation so you can be successful and profitable in your future business in as little as 5 days but it’s going to take some work, and it’s not going to happen overnight.

Looking for practical how-to, proven plans for success, and a platform to get your new business questions solved? Sounds like Start the Right Business Bootcamp is the perfect place for you! Here are a few examples of industries that this challenge is perfect for:

  • Bloggers
  • Coaches
  • Web designers
  • Graphic designers
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Course Creators
  • Authors
  • Membership sites
  • Speakers
  • Event planners
  • Online stylists
  • PR experts
  • Online personal trainers
  • Life coaches
  • Accountants
  • Videographers
  • Photographers
  • Service-based online businesses
  • Product-based online businesses
  • Amazon sellers
  • Youtubers
  • Influencers
  • Content writers
  • Facebook ad strategists
  • Health coaches
  • Parenting experts
  • Food bloggers
  • Fashion bloggers
  • Travel bloggers
  • Copywriters

Start the Right Business Bootcamp is a 5-day challenge! Each day, you'll gain access to video lessons and guided worksheets to help you build a strong business foundation. 

What happens after the 5-days? 

If you enjoy this challenge and you're interested in continuing to work together, then I will share how can continue our business relationship towards the end of the challenge. We have a few ways to stay connected. 

There are five video lessons that pair with our popular "Ultimate Biz Plan" workbook. 

All video lesson are less than 10-minutes long. 

Ready to build your business foundation? Join us inside. 

Nope :-)! We made this program completely free to help new and aspiring entrepreneurs looking to build a business they love. 

This challenge is jammed packed with business information that will help you gain clarity and launch your business with confidence. 


(Yes, we might be crazy.) Ready to take action and finally start growing your business? Join our 5-day challenge for absolutely no risk!