Hey there Corporate Misfits! 

I'm Brittany Darrington owner of The Corporate Misfit Club, Corporate Misfits Apparel, The BD Team, and Ella Rose Creatives. Others know me as an accomplished businesswoman, philanthropist, and a certified John Maxwell Team business leadership coach.

I know myself as a Corporate Misfit who's extremely passionate about helping female entrepreneurs start, launch, and grow a profitable online business.

Since the age of eight, I've been a certified hustler who sold lemonade at my lemonade stand and sold artwork to classmates at school.

After working at a Fortune 500 company, I quickly discovered that the 9-5 world was not for me. I was frustrated for feeling stuck in the rat race. I was consistently stressed and having anxiety attacks. So I decided to quit my six-figure marketing director position and go full force into starting and growing my online apparel business.

But it wasn't all gravy... After investing over $4000 my business flopped, which led to feeling like a failure and questioning this whole entrepreneurial journey. 

I knew I needed to make a 180 in this business world ASAP so I could avoid going back to the 9-5 lifestyle.

After becoming a student of business, working with mentors, and not allowing myself to give up on my entrepreneurial dreams, I started another apparel business that generated six-figures within the first year and eventually leading to becoming a nationwide brand. Within four short years, my brand was in more than 750 stores nationwide, generating seven-figures, and making an impact within the community for youth. 


I fell in love with the freedom of being my own boss, enamored with making money while doing what I loved, and infatuated with helping build confidence in others.

Best of all, being my own boss has allowed me to raise more than seven-figures for charities and make an impact around the world.

After building and selling multiple online start-up businesses that generate seven figures, I've learned a wealth of information about starting, launching, and growing a  business.

Over the past seven years, I've indulged myself in teaching people successful business strategies and sharing a Rolodex of business information through our online community to help others be their own boss, create a life of freedom, and make an impact.

But maybe you…

  • Have no idea where to start with this whole online business thing.
  • Are still uncertain with if your business idea and not sure if it's worth moving forward with.
  • Need help launching your brand successfully to the world.

No matter where you are in your business journey you want to do more of what you love while making an impact and profiting.

You want to use your unique gifts towards something that matters, both to you and the world.

You’re READY to take your business idea to that next level and escape the rat race that has left you feeling empty.

But you just don’t know how to make your business dreams into a reality. You feel lost.

Trust me, Corporate Misfit, I’ve totally been there.

You've definitely come to the right place, my friend... Because I'm going to help you start that business you've been dreaming about for years and maybe even decades.

If you're interested in sticking around with me, I specialize in topics like business start-up tips, business marketing, sales funnels, product and business launches, and growing your business to profitable numbers.

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You’ll also get invitations to any free, live masterclasses I host online (they’re pretty sweet).

And hey, thanks for being here. I greatly appreciate it... and you! 


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