3 Tips To Get People To Your Online Coaching Program

3 Tips To Get People To Your Online Coaching Program

Congratulations, Corporate Misfit!

So I hear you’ve finally gotten your course up and your launch dates scheduled, but now it’s time to get clients onboard.

No one wants to launch to the sound of crickets, so we need to pique the interest of your dream audience and turn them into raving fans, girl!

In this video, we’ll talk about the different surefire strategies that I personally use, too:

  • Hosting a webinar so your audience can put a face and personality to the name.
  • Hosting a challenge for an interactive way to get people to your program.
  • Hosting a three- or four-part video series (basically a combo of the above!)

I hope you got some useful insights from this video, and although they won’t magically fix everything overnight, they’re gonna be your next big step towards a freedom-bound business! 

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