7 Ways To Start A Biz With No Money

Do you have the entrepreneurial itch? The one that keeps you up every night thinking how to turn your ideas into reality?

Or have you said to yourself, “I’ve got a great idea for a business but I don’t have any money to start it up.”

So, how do you get around it?

Well, I have you covered my friend. No money? No Problem. Here are 7 Ways You Can Start a Business Online with NO $$$.

Before we get started, I want to make it extremely clear that becoming a Corporate Misfit is not easy. It will require a TON of work and sometimes even sleepless nights. However, if you give these “7 Ways” your all and don’t accept failure as an option, I believe you can achieve business success with the ideas below.

Are You Ready?


From website software trials to marketing trials, take advantage of the free services to get your business up and going. The best part about trials is that you can test out the products before committing to them. Check out some AWESOME products that you can test out for FREE.

Here are a handful of awesome free trials you can take advantage of. Some of the links below are affiliate links. I have a NO BS Policy and only recommend products that have worked for my business and have helped create success for my team. So check out the free trials below (just remember to cancel before they charge you if you don’t want to continue with the service)



Why not start FREE social media accounts and focus on attracting your ideal customer?  Social media gives you direct access to your target market and allows you to engage with them 24/7.

To get started on creating social media check out these social media management programs and design tools:


Inventing something interesting and cool? Share it with millions of individuals who support entrepreneurs at all funding levels. To get started raising money, think of how you can creatively share your story and explain your product to the world. Sites like Kickstarter, Indigogo are just a few to get you going.

4) Presell

This is one of the best ways to test out your products or services. Advertise your new upcoming product and service and provide details of when the items or services will be delivered.

5) Start Selling Your Services Immediately:

Check out these sites that allow you to instantly start selling your products or services without having to purchase a website.

6) Handmake Something

What’s something you can make? Many people think to start a business you have to have special material or talents. This is WRONG. The Giving Key started a jewelry line by mistake… Using an old recycle key and a hampered engraving stamp, the birth of business was made. The company now employees over 200 employees and is sold nationwide.

7)Do all the work yourself

To keep costs down, try doing the work yourself. You’d be surprised what you can accomplish, especially when money is tight.

As you build your company and revenue, try seeking cost-efficient virtual assistants, graphic designers, web developers, and so on.  

So there you have it. Go ahead, start that business that you love! I believe that you can do anything you put your mind too and give more than 100%.