Kajabi Funnel Secret Revealed! How To Create A Tripwire / SLO Funnel

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Most coaches and course creators don't know about the power of tripwires.

It's not a get-rich-quick scam, mind you!

Tripwires are the EASIEST and fastest way for your ideal clients to hit that purchase button.

That's because this is a part of your sales funnel that encourages them to purchase your other products even if they just saw your free lead magnet.

Remember: customers are risk-averse.

That's why they don't buy your high-tier products right off the bat.

It takes time to nurture them, and it's worth it!

But it doesn't mean that new or existing customers can't purchase from you even when they're just at the beginning of your funnel.

Here's a 29-minute Tripwire Buildout tutorial to help you understand how this can increase your sales without having to launch periodically.

This time, you'll finally know how to use them to get that extra sales to boost in your biz. Watch the video below, Misfit!

In this video, we’ll be breaking down:

  • What a tripwire is, and its advantages in your online business
  • How to build your tripwire from scratch using Kajabi
  • How to understand all the selling components of tripwires and what not to do.

And if you want more sales funnel secrets to store in your vault, then we have a dedicated playlist for it HERE: The Summer Sales Funnel Series just for you.


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