How Online Course Creators Prioritize Their Time

Image of Brittany Darrington and puppy with text:

Let’s face it, we often forget that we can’t do EVERYTHING in our biz 24/7.

We’re not just online coaches and course creators, right {{first name}}?

As for me, I have my family, friends, and new pups to take care of!

So, even though there’s a LOT of tips out there on how to prioritize your work - life balance…

I wanted to give you straightforward ways how I personally do it and maybe you’ll find that it resonates with what you need right now.

Hop right in on our latest video on how to prioritize your biz when you have other things to manage in your life…or dogs to pay attention to!

(P.S. Take a sneak peek of one of my furballs in the video 🤣)

Inside, you’ll learn:

  • 3 straightforward ways to prioritize in your biz effectively
  • How you can apply each way differently
  • And ultimately how to get the freedom you’re craving for

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