How to Set Up a Sales Funnel For Your Online Course in Kajabi

How to Set Up a Sales Funnel For Your Online Course in Kajabi

Hey there, Corporate Misfit!

You’ve come such a long way on your online course creation journey and it’s finally time to create actual systems for your course.

Launching your course through email is one thing, and although it’s an important part of the sales funnel process, we need to talk about how it actually works in the bigger picture.

And for that, we’re going back to every first-time course creator’s best friend: Kajabi!

Figuring out the path your ideal clientele will go through to get to your product can be an overwhelming ordeal, but you don’t have to go through it alone.

On the 6th installment of our Course Creation Sprint series, we’ll be talking about how you can attract, convert, and retain your dream clients using Kajabi!

I hope that this video helps you find the framework that works best for you!

It takes time and you might not get the perfect one on the first try, but keep experimenting until you do!

Don’t forget to download the 5 crucial sales funnels that every coach, course creator, or consultant needs.

Here we breakdown even more each type, and the different ways you can use it. 

If you ever wanna learn more about what other ways Kajabi can make course creation easier, you can get started right here!


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