Validate Your Online Courses & Coaching Program Idea

Validate Your Online Courses & Coaching Program Idea

Hey there, Corporate Misfit!

The last thing you’d want to do in your future online course or coaching program idea is to not validate it to your ideal audience!

Talk about cooking up the perfect disaster recipe for your online biz girl. 🥶

When it comes to course creation, we both know how exciting it is to just jump on it on the get go. 

But in order to really foolproof this, we gotta validate sista!

And that’s because it actually saves you time, money, and your sanity. 

In this second episode of our Course Creation Sprint Series, we’re gonna discuss why you should validate your online course idea, and how you can exactly do that with social media, your email list, and many more!

Now if you’re still having trouble pinpointing your ideal clients’ journey from A to Z, then you can Watch The Post It Method I personally use to get your ideas out there in a simple but systematic way. 

Trust me, everything will be a breeze once you know this method! 

And if you don’t know what home your online course should be in, then Kajabi is honestly something you should look into because:

A.) It's an all-in-one digital tool!

B.) No more broken plug-ins and techie stuff to stress over

C.) It’s simply amazing? 

I’m not trying to just push you into Kajabi without any safety gear though! 

Girl, I’ve been blindly finding my way in different platforms before, and I don’t want you to experience the same stressful thing!

We’re besties now right? And I only want you to get the best experience minus the BS. 

Create your online course and start with Kajabi HERE 😘


The Ultimate 4 Phase Course Launch Framework

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