How To Quickly Create a Custom Lead Magnet Pipeline in Kajabi

How To Quickly Create a Custom Lead Magnet Pipeline in Kajabi

Lead magnets are great for attracting your ideal customers but you need a robust sales funnel or pipeline installed first to take advantage of it.

While each business doesn't necessarily have the same type of lead magnet (it often should align with your customers and your personality)...

The basic lead magnet funnel is actually the same.

We’re sharing a step-by-step breakdown on how you could quickly create one in Kajabi (aka the only course creation platform we love here!) and make sense of getting that lead magnet to do its job.

Watch the YouTube video below, Corporate Misfit!

In this video, we’ll be breaking down:

  • How to create your lead magnet fast (not from scratch!)
  • Important elements to customize in your sales funnel
  • Back-end automation vs front end

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