5 Funnels Course Creator Need + The Exact Blueprints on Kajabi

5 Sales Funnel COurse Creators Need (Step by Step)

The #1 reason why online courses, coaches, or consultants get soooo little from their sales funnels (or maybe even ZERO) is because…

Their sales funnels are just a poor imitation of other “guru’s” funnels.

It’s one thing to get inspired by other coaches’ sales funnel to start somewhere.

But it’s a whole ‘nother thing when you slap together a sales funnel and try to reverse engineer one based on someone’s well-oiled sales funnel machine.

You see, sales funnels are supposed to be tailor-fit to your

  • Business model
  • Business goals
  • Customer journey
  • And your PERSONALITY!

Yup! If your services don’t require you to talk to anyone face to camera, then why the heck would you set up a video series struggling to get leads?

Picking the right sales funnel won’t be easy, of course.

But crafting one just because it’s currently “trendy” and so many people seem to get results from them won’t be a guarantee to your success!

That’s why we’re debunking this sales funnel belief and giving you THE WHOLE DISH instead.

Access behind-the-scenes of crucial sales funnels that course creators and coaches need in their biz in today’s YouTube video.

In this video, we’ll be breaking down:

  • Different types of sales funnel you can use
  • Behind-the-scenes buildout of sales funnels in Kajabi
  • How to pick your sales funnel

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