Why Most SALES FUNNELS Fail with these 5 Mistakes

Image of Brittany Darrington with text:

How often have you set up different funnels only to find out that people are not even entering the start of your funnel?

(Me! LOL)

Let me tell you, it's not only a waste of time, but it's also frustrating to get stuck again for the nth time in your business because of a stagnant funnel.

We don't want to keep doing the same old admin tasks rather than moving forward and doing what we do BEST as coaches and course creators, right?

We're drawing the curtains today, Misfit because I'll share with you the common problems that are making your funnels flop.

Take a seat, and take stock of your sales funnels once you're done watching this video below.

Inside, you’ll learn:

  • The reason why sales funnels don't work
  • 5 common problems that hold your funnels back from generating $$$
  • How to fix these problems ASAP, so you're back to biz!

If you want more sales funnel secrets to store in your vault, then we have a dedicated playlist for it HERE: The Summer Sales Funnel Series just for you.

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