Launch Quickly with these 5 Designed For You Kajabi Funnel Templates

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Raise your hand if this is you:

  • Have a robust and complete course but don't know how to set it up in your website (sales pages to funnels to check out pages)
  • Don't know how the heck it's possible to launch an online course because of the tech overwhelm (plus expenses in outsourcing!)
  • Ready to launch but so not ready to DIY everything in your website

Well, if you checked most of it, then make this your lucky day because we're dropping sales funnel templates designed for your online course biz minus the techie stuff in the mix.

We're literally giving you the shortcut to launching it in full swing!

If you're sick of winging it on your own, then take a peek at these 5 Sales Funnel Templates to get your online course launch up and running.

Inside, you’ll learn:

  • What's inside a Kajabi sales funnel template
  • What kinds of sales funnel templates will look like for your biz
  • How to launch your course without having to DIY everything!

And if you want more sales funnel secrets to store in your vault, then we have a dedicated playlist for it HERE: The Summer Sales Funnel Series just for you.

Make sure to download the 5 Crucial Sales Funnel Every Course Creator Needs here!

These sales funnels are complete with breakdowns and samples so you don't have to stress over making a sales funnel from scratch.

Learn how to make your online business sustainable even with you not working behind the computer 24/7.


The Ultimate 4 Phase Course Launch Framework

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