EP #1: Saying Goodbye to the 9-5 & Hello To A Thriving Life with Cori Javid

Have you ever wondered… How do I quit my 9-5, make enough to pay my bills and some, and be my own boss? Yep, I’ve been there too. Sometimes you feel like you’ll never build the business of your dreams because you're stuck in the rat race, you hardly have any time, and spending all of your extra dollars on starting a business seems like a lost cause.  But what if you had the insight on how to escape this unfulfilling 9-5 cycle?
In this episode, Cori Javid  (mother, Success Coach + Business Mentor) shares how she left her 10+ career in Investment banking to pursue an online business helping other mothers with their online businesses. Not only did she quit the 9-5... The replaced her corporate salary in less than 90 days!  

To give you an extra dose of inspiration, I asked Cori to share some inside advice about the things she learned while exiting the 9-5 You’re going to learn so many valuable tips and tricks that will help you navigate through similar fears when considering becoming a Corporate Misfit. 


Here’s a rundown - we discuss in the episode:

  1. How to overcome some of the financial fears that come with leaving your 9-5. 
  2. How to narrow down your business idea, so you know what to focus on.
  3. How long it took to get Cori's new startup off the ground and generating revenue. 
  4. How to gain visibility for your new business, even if no one knows who you are. 
  5. How to manage your time once you go from employee to entrepreneur

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To stay connected with Cori Javid, visit CoriJavid.com.  



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