What's A Sales Funnel? How To Create Your Profitable Sales Funnel In Kajabi

WTH is a sales funnel? Kajabi Tutorial

We’re ramping up on our Summer Sales Funnel Series šŸŒ“šŸŒŠšŸŒž

Sales funnels are definitely a buzzword in the online course creation world.

You’ve probably heard of it from countless marketers online and fellow coaches.

But what the heck does a sales funnel do, anyway?

Everybody kept on saying that you need to have one in order to get consistent $$$ in your biz.

But the question on HOW to actually connect all the whotzits and whatzits of a sales funnel to your online course or coaching business can be elusive.

Well, here’s the thing…

Not every online business can implement THE SAME sales funnel.

And to further get the confusion out of the way, we’ll be showing detailed behind-the-scenes on how to get your sales funnel ready to go.

In this video, we’ll be breaking down:

  • What a sales funnel look like offline (YUP!)
  • What makes your sales funnel stand out
  • How to get your sales funnel up and running

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