3 Reasons Why You Should Create An Online Course

Hey there, Corporate Misfit!

If you don’t know yet, the e-learning industry has grown into a $325 Billion industry, with a capital B! So, it’s no surprise that a lot of amazing people are now jumping on it.

However, if you’re overthinking when to actually start your own online course as well...then let me help you clear the fog girl!

In this first episode of the Course Creation Sprint series, we’re going to dive right in the 3 reasons why you should create an online course:

  • Creating an online course/coaching program can help you make more money with no cap as to how much you can make. 
  • You are passionate about teaching your craft and sharing your expertise.
  • You want to create a life of freedom. 

After watching the first video, I hope you can gain the clarity and confidence to really start your online course, girlie!

Trust me, even if you think there are already a lot of female coaches and course creators out there, you can bring something different and valuable to the table.

Make sure to download your Course Creation Declaration HERE.

This will help you commit to your course creation journey with consistency. šŸ˜‰ 

And if you don’t know what home your online course should be in, then Kajabi is honestly something you should look into because:

It’s A.) All-in-one digital tools!

B.) No more broken plug-ins and techie stuff to stress over

C.) It’s simply amazing? 

I’m not trying to just push you into Kajabi without any safety gear though! 

Girl, I’ve been blindly finding my way in different platforms before, and I don’t want you to experience the same stressful thing!

We’re besties now right? And I only want you to get the best experience minus the BS. 

Create your online course and start with Kajabi HERE šŸ˜˜

The Ultimate 4 Phase Course Launch Framework

Launch your online course & digital product with ease & build your freedom-bound business the no-BS way.