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Kajabi Online Course or Membership Creation


We’ll Setup and Design Your Course/Membership Portal 

There's a LOT of moving parts and skill and time needed...

and sometimes it can all seem too much. Wouldn't it be great to just hand it over to someone who knows the Kajabi platform inside and out with a background in design? Our team will map our and build your branded E-Learning course/membership platform that professionally showcases your expertise and functions properly in just 7 days. 

Creating online courses are not for the faint hearted

- there's a LOT of moving parts and skill and time needed....
and sometimes it can all seem too much. Wouldn't it be great to just hand it over to someone else? .....Someone who's done it before (many times over), who knows KAJABI inside out.... and who can guide you through to the other side successfully...

"Ditch the OVERWHELM... let me help you get your amazing ideas & knowledge, online where they belong...."

Course / Membership Creation Is Perfect For You If...

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You're suffering from entrepreneurial overwhelm? You didn't realize how much work is involved in getting your course up and running... 

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You've attempted to build your online course but it is not to your liking. You want someone who know's what they're doing to come in and take over. 

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You feel stuck or you're starring from a blank canvas. You're not sure where to even start when it comes to creating an online course or membership and you need guidance.

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What's Included For $2000+?

While you stick to your zone genius, my team and I will do what we do best. You'll get a fantastic 'original' and functional site in days, not weeks... Allowing you to get closer to opening the cart for online sales, build your email list, and build your online empire. 

  • Product setup - we map out the wireframe
  • Template customization to match your style
  • Uploading of all content, video embeds, uploading of any PDF files, Audio Files etc
  • Offers/Checkout pages 
  • Purchase Thank you page
  • Welcome email sequence
  • Setup of Drip feature if required.
  • 7-Day Turnaround (depending on how many modules and content, this will be discussed during the application process.)
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"Working with Brittany was a huge help for my business in the areas I am not able to do quickly, saved me a lot of time. The professionalism and willingness to listen was refreshing. It was great to be encouraged to give feedback and to have such a comprehensive package to walk away with! The cohesive branding and a much faster start to the marketing set up than I would have been able to do..."

-Joanna Kane, Divorce Coach,

Start Killing It Online With A Kajabi Restyle

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"How to quickly build a successful online business generating $1,000+ in 28 days using Kajabi"

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