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Kajabi Pipeline & Automation


We’ll Setup and Design Your Highly Converting Custom Sales Funnel 

Our team will map out and build you a sales funnel pipeline with automation from the ground up on your Kajabi platform. Consider it a blank canvas where your vision for how you generate sales can freely unfold. We’ll uncover what is needed for you to achieve your sales goals and determine how to make those a reality in 5 days.

So... you have a free lead magnet, a tripwire small cost product, or you're launching your signature course. You'll definitely be needing a PIPELINE WITH A LANDING OR SALES PAGE to NOT ONLY tell your audience all about it...

BUT to get them to hit your "OMG - this is me - give it to me now" button!

There are quite a few excellent, ready-made templates in Kajabi.... and you could totally use one and be up and selling pretty quickly.... but what if you want something completely different, one that matches your style?

Or what if you just want to focus on getting your  Course finished or your Membership product setup? What would it look like when your whole online business is set up, launched and making sales? If you could speed the entire process up and hand it over to a  KAJABI NINJA, would you?

Do you know all of the different components that make up a Kajabi Pipeline?...

It's not just about designing the one sales page.

Typically your sales or landing page is part of a Pipeline or Funnel (really just fancy words for a couple of web pages, and some automation around them.)

While Kajabi makes all this pretty straightforward, it can still be challenging working out all the pieces you need for YOUR funnel and making sure you haven't missed anything. Are the email sequences and automation setup properly, tags, and SEO completed?

You want to know that your funnel runs without you... it's doing its job bringing in leads or making sales while you're off working on your next course or marketing piece.

Give your Course a fighting chance... Use a Kajabi Pipeline to help sell it... PLUS get the benefit of an automated machine running in the background!


Pipeline & Automation Creation Is Perfect For You If...

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For businesses who need a completely functioning funnel that includes a landing page to sell in their latest course, membership, or lead magnet, but not sure where to start.

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For entrepreneurs who know pipelines can skyrocket their business but are tired of trying to glue their non-converting sales funnel together and would like to hire someone who knows what they are doing. 

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For girl boss who have been trying to figure out this technical side of things, and you find yourself drinking a massive glass of wine, wishing these funnels and landing pages would magically come together. 

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What's Included For $1200+?

You go do you. And I'll do what I do best. You'll get an amazing and functional pipeline in a couple of days... AND be another step closer to getting sales through your cart!

  • Map of Funnel
  • 1 x Sales Landing Page
    (500-1500 words)
  • Favicon setup
  • Footer navigation, social links
  • All stock images and graphics (basic) 
  • Includes setting up the required form and tags
  • Auto responder emails and associated thank you page/s
  • Onsite SEO.
  • Up to 2 x Offers/Checkout pages
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"Working with Brittany was a huge help for my business in the areas I am not able to do quickly, saved me a lot of time. The professionalism and willingness to listen was refreshing. It was great to be encouraged to give feedback and to have such a comprehensive package to walk away with! The cohesive branding and a much faster start to the marketing set up than I would have been able to do..."

-Joanna Kane, Divorce Coach,


why pay me to do this for you when you could

a) have a go at it yourself
b) get your VA to do it or
c) ask your WP web designer?
Hey, I hear that question bouncing around in your brain right now... and that's perfectly ok...

Here are some answers from others just like you.

Now here's my answer:

...because as Kajabi users, partners, and Kajabi obsessors, we know how to get the most out of it... the tricks, tweaks, and hacks.

Ready to get the automated machine that lets you sit back and relax knowing that this one part of your online business.... is running by itself?

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