Meet Heather McKay

Photographer & Business Mentor

Hi, I'm Heather McKay and I'm the owner and primary photographer at McKay's Photography and Parallax Life. When I began my photography business at the age of 28, I was making no money at a job I hated. My friends started getting married, and so I became their wedding photographer. The problem was that I had zero idea what to charge and $1000 felt like a windfall. Quickly, I learned that the $1000 was gone in a flash when I began my business and I needed to learn how to charge appropriately for my work so that I could eventually quit that crappy job and be able to survive.

Here we are over 16 years later and now I'm passionate about mentoring other creatives with regards to pricing, profit, and product offers so you too can quit your job and thrive as a creative entrepreneur. I made MANY mistakes along the way and wish I got where I needed to be so much faster!


My own personal journey with my photography pricing was mostly a haphazard journey, like everyone else.

For the first few years, my mentor was picking numbers off the top of her head for what I should charge based off of my experience. Quickly, I realized that I wasn't charging enough, earning enough, was spending too much, and I was taking gigs from my mentor due to my lower price.

So I took a deep breath and raised my prices A LOT. The first client that got my new price list was a couple hiring me about a month away from their wedding and I was SO nervous.

Jenna and Dave hired me last minute for their October wedding and had looked at over a dozen Rochester wedding photographers. When they picked up their wedding photos, Dave told me that I didn't charge enough.

Wait, what???

So, I invited them back over and asked them to change my prices for me. Their perspective was invaluable and I still use their comments when I'm creating new price lists & packages.

I'm here to guide you through setting your own realistic prices and flesh out packages and products that work for your own clientele. It's my jam!

Setting up a solid and profitable photography business begins and ends with your pricing & sales strategy.

I believe that your pricing is actually part of your marketing plan. What you charge for your work communicates a world’s worth of information about you, your confidence, where you are in the industry, your trendiness, and a little bit about your quality.

Most importantly, building a solid financial business foundation requires you to divorce the ego from your sales. That’s what I’ll help you with today.

What You Will Learn:

Why you aren’t earning enough money

How knowing your numbers is the key to your confidence

The one thing to can do today to have confidence in your rates

What to change before you change your price

How to quiet the fear inside



Take Action

Step 1: Figure out your CODB (costs of doing business)

Step 2: Find your ideal workload & income

Step 3: Visualize the lifestyle you want your business to provide

Perfect Pricing Formula Workbook


Plan Your Ideal Income & Work Goals


Visualize, Meditate, Vision, Board, & Mindset


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