How I went from feeling trapped in "Corporate America" to helping thousands of online women entrepreneurs build a life and business they love.

Before I built online businesses in spaces such as retail, coaching, creative agency, speaking, online education, and e-commerce.

Before coaching, strategizing and working with 3,000+ powerful women..there was a girl with big dreams who was eager to escape the 9-5 and build a life of freedom. 

Free of “Corporate America.” 

Free of working countless hours to build someone else’s dream. 

Terrified to become a Corporate Misfit and pursue the entrepreneurial world, but no matter how many times she hit a barrier, she buckled down and jammed out Destiny's Child “Survivor” in her little blue Volkswagon

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No-One Ever Said It Would Be Easy.  But To Build The Life You Want, You Have To Do What Others Won't... 

I'm just your everyday Corporate Misfit, who escaped the 9-5 with nothing more than passion, a laptop, and big dreams.

During my years at a Fortune 500 company, I quickly discovered that the 9-5 world was not for me. I was feeling frustrated and stuck in the rat race and not tapping into my full potential.

After working on my side hustle for months, I decided to resign from my six-figure marketing director position and go full force building a business I love.


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But Things Weren't So Gravy In The Beginning... Nor Was I Making It Rain "Cash Money."

But it wasn't all gravy. I started my first business without building a proper business foundation. I found myself clueless and wondering in the dark of business. My shaky business foundation made it challenging to identify who I wanted to serve and unsure as to how to build a profitable structure, which is the lifeblood of business. My poor decisions led to shutting the doors to my first business in just five months of leaving my 9-5 and losing my investment of over $4,000. 

Through this experience, I found myself shedding ugly tears, drinking countless glasses of wine, and in the question of self-doubt. Though this was a wake-up call, it taught me a valuable lesson. When you do not have a strategy or a sturdy foundation in business, you'll find yourself at a crossroads to either quit or pivot. 

It was time to PIVOT if I wanted to remain free of the 9 to 5! That's when I saw a shift and started making sales online. 

I stopped trying to build my business the hard way and focused on the critical principles that would move my business forward so I could go from struggling wantrepreneur to thriving business owner. 

That's why it is so essential to build a business on a strong foundation. Without it, you will quickly sink in the sand, and sooner or later, you'll be closing the doors to your biz if you don't have this foundation. 

You don't have to make it up as you go. Nor do you have to experience some of the challenges I faced in my early stages of entrepreneurship. My failures and setbacks have already paved the way for other women to build a bridge over it. I'm so glad I didn't give up on my entrepreneurial dream, or I wouldn't be here sharing my truth with you today. 

Through my entrepreneurial community, the Corporate Misfit Club & Misfit Consulting, we have guided and led more than 3,000+ women to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

Let's Start Your Business Together! 

You start by taking one step at a time and surrounding yourself with others who can guide you. I don't know where you are today as you read this. Maybe you are an aspiring female entrepreneur dreaming of escaping the 9 to 5, or perhaps you've started a business, and you've noticed your foundation is not sturdy. Wherever you are, I want you to know that I am here for you. And more importantly, you can create a wildly successful business. Let's build your business together so you can do more of what you love. 

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"After meeting and speaking with Brittany, I feel like parts of the puzzle that were missing for so long are finally coming together. Brittany is easy to connect with, direct, and her attention to detail is amazing. She is able to deliver next steps in a way that is constructive, helpful and motivating. She drives you to become the best version of yourself for your business and where you want to go."

-Jessie Zahner
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