Want To Know How To Save 75% Of Your Time & Get Back To Focusing On Your Zone of Genius? 


Let me guess, Coach…

 Your to-do list is oh so long and keeps growing...

 You are too busy with mundane tasks and are unable to focus on essential things… Like your zone of genius!

 You’re working longer hours than you thought, and you’re always under pressure…

Another week and
it’s just the same old story…

I get it. You’re at your breaking point, right?!  

This story sounds all too familiar because I’ve lived it. 

Though every coach and course creator’s situation is different,  the results are usually the same.


….working 10-14 hour days and too many weekends, just to keep a small number of clients happy or keep your business afloat… 

… you're doing the low-paying tasks, and you’re not getting paid what you’re worth, which is causing you to start to resent your business.  

…. wearing all the hats, ticking off every task, and feeling utterly strapped for time and far removed from your zone of genius… 

…neglecting other areas of life, such as health and relationships… 

…wondering what is it that you’re missing, why nothing seems to work for you when it comes to creating a course or setting up your coaching program… 

...running yourself ragged with a to-do list that never shrinks, and you know you’re fast-approaching burnout…

… feeling overwhelmed by the annoying tech of running a business and finding yourself faced with tasks that you have absolutely no idea how to do... 

And let’s be honest, you don’t have a strong desire to learn the techie things of building a website, course portal, automating emails,  setting-up high converting funnels, or creating worksheets for your students…  

I mean, there’s a pretty high chance you don’t wake up in the morning excited about learning how to set-up your coaching programs or integrate all these online systems, right?!  

I mean, I definitely didn’t! 

If ANYTHING I’ve just described resonates... 

You're not alone. 

That’s why I want to help offload your time-consuming, mundane tasks, so you can get more done, enjoy life more, and find all the lost time that you put into your course or coaching business. 

Plus, you can do this all without having to hire and manage employees, train a team, get expensive software, or struggle to keep up with payroll! 

Trusted by the world’s most innovative coaches, course creators, and consultants – big and small


Get ready to work smarter, better, faster with one of our Misfit VA’s who have worked with over 3,000+ online Consultants, Coaches, and Course Creators! 




Rather than working every weekend, you get your Sunday-Funday back. More time with family and friends. Plus, you can actually go to bed worry-free. 

Finally,  breakthrough the daunting and frustrating task that has kept you from growing and scaling your business. Focus on the money-making functions that allow you to stay in your zone of genius. 

Imagine having a team member who has extensive training and is highly experienced working with coaches, consultants, and course creators in the online world. 



We’ve spent over $10,000 on training in sales funnels, automation, course creation, converting landing pages, copywriting for sales pages, video editing, and have purchased software programs. This means you can be sure that you hit the ground sprinting rather than wasting time training. 

You can delegate your task to our success manager, and your VA’s will be on it, which helps you grow and scale your business faster than ever. 

While you focus on doing what you do best, we’ll focus on completing your task with the highest quality!


Cut The Time-Consuming Negotiation and Get More Assistance For Half The Cost!

We see our innovative coaches and course creators spending countless hours on freelancing websites. 

They’re negotiating deals only to find out the freelancer was not qualified to do the task or working completely different hours of the day that are not conducive to their schedule. Sometimes those negotiations can get a little pricey too!

Plus, you have to factor in just paying agencies and freelance platforms for more markup instead of the other way around. 

You shouldn’t pay more to get less: no more expensive agencies, unreliable freelancers, and unfinished work. Our Misfit VA’s cut out the middlemen so that you can get the best trained and experienced assistants at fair and honest prices. 

No contracts, no gotchas, no hidden anything, ever. Just straight business so you can grow and scale with ease! 

Get Experienced Team Members

Misfit VA’s is the secret weapon to help you reach your goals in your business. Every Misfit VA is trained for months and has experience in over 75 tasks and has completed several certifications which include Digital Marketer’s Email Marketing, Conversion Funnel, Search Marketing, Copywriting, Paid Traffic, Content Marketing, Content Creation, Social Media & Community, Analytics & Data, Conversion Optimization, and Testing Mastery, Kajabi and more.

It’s true, we all have the same amount of hours in a day as 🐝Beyoncé, but we don’t all use our time in the same way. It turns out that successful people are usually great at handing off tasks and getting back to what they do best!

No more excuses!

You can do all of this without hiring employees, struggling with payroll, or wasting countless hours trying to find the perfect virtual assistant.

Simple, affordable pricing

Whether you are a coach or course creator of 1 or 100 employees, your Misfit VA  will be there to grow with you – providing you the help you need at every stage.

Startup Plan

25 Hours

Per Month

  • Initial 30-minute kick-off call to go over all projects needed
  • 1 x Monthly Project Planning Call (30-Minutes)
  • Unlimited email support with Success Manager
  • You'll be partnered with a dedicated Founder Success Manager
  • Dedicated assistant for all Kajabi, coaching, digital marketing and consulting tasks
  • Unlimited tasks (As long as you have the hours 😀)
  • Highly trained, skilled & certified team
  • Tasks management dashboard
  • Hours tracking report
  • Up to 25 hours of monthly usage
  • No contracts. No hidden fees.
  • Video / audio editing 

Small Business Plan

40 Hours

Per Month

  • Initial 30-minute kick-off call to go over all projects needed
  • 2 x Monthly Project Planning Call (30-Minutes)
  • Unlimited priority email support with Success Manager
  • You'll be partnered with a dedicated Founder Success Manager
  • Dedicated assistant for all Kajabi, coaching, digital marketing and consulting tasks
  • Unlimited tasks (As long as you have the hours 😀)
  • Highly trained, skilled & certified
  • Tasks management dashboard
  • Hours tracking report
  • Up to 40 hours of monthly usage
  • No contracts. No hidden fees.
  • Video / audio editing 

* If you need additional hours or don’t see a plan that is right for you, please contact us at [email protected]*


Nadine Says...

"Working with my team has been incredible. There's no way I could have done these tasks without my team of VA's. I now have my tripwire, signature course, webinar, welcome sequence, lead magnets, challenge assets, website, and more done in less than two months. This would have taken me years!"

Nadine B., Founder of Burnout To Balance Program

The Molly Carmel Team Says...

"This team #GSD! We've been able to set-up all of our programs and funnels on Kajabi seamlessly. What has been an idea for months has turned into a reality within weeks without having to train anyone how to do it. Now our programs run on automation."

Molly Carmel, Best Selling Author & Founder of The Beacon Program &

Kelly Says...

"OMG, even though I am a techie solopreneur, I've been able to SAVE SO MUCH TIME, working with my VA to set up my webinar registration, email sequence and course. This is exactly what I needed."

Kelly, Founder of Digital Classroom Blueprint

Dr. Annie Says...

"You're AMAZING! Having someone from the team set-up all things tech has helped end this nightmare I was living in. I now have a completely automated pipeline, email sequences, sales page, and onboarding strategy for the doctors and nurses I teach. Plus I did not have to train anyone to do these tasks." 

Dr. Annie P, Founder of Biz4APCS


Getting Started Is Easy

Our three-step process lets us assess how we can amplify your productivity, strategically develop a plan to move forward, and introduce you to your curated support team.

Choose Your Plan

Select which plan would work best for you and create more freedom in your business.

Book Your Kick-Off Call

Schedule a call with your Success Manager so you can discuss an implementation plan that outlines your task, vision, and how we can serve you.


You’re kick-off call, it’s time to meet your virtual team and success manager and kick off your services


CEO Masterclass

(Valued at $997)

Join Brittany and our team for Monthly CEO Masterclasses with Live Support

We'll build your 90-Day CEO Game Plan together and empower you to be an incredible leader and know exactly what to outsource in your business. 


Success Toolkit

(Valued at $997) 

Get a full walkthrough of the tools you need to run a successful course or coaching business. From Kajabi to ClickUp, and many more. Our team will show you what tools you need to build your empire. 


Success Manager

You'll be partnered with a dedicated Success Manager in the US who's helped hundreds of other female coaches and consultants outsource in their business.

You'll always have someone ready to answer your questions and cheer you on to outsourcing success!


Still, doing everything yourself? 

Check out how we can help you focus on your zone of genius so you can do more of what you love and less of the frustrating, mundane tasks. 


Kajabi / ClickFunnels,  Landing Pages, and Automation


Stop wasting time staring at the blank computer screen. Let our experts design, optimize a converting funnel or a landing page for your business using Kajabi, ClickFunnels, Leadpages & others. Make more money with what you already have. Plus, eliminate the stress of setting up automation.

Video & Audio Editing

Course Videos, Sales Page Videos, YouTube videos, Podcast episodes, Facebook Live, Instagram Stories. We’ll help you quickly get this piece of content out into the world, but we know what it takes to create great audio and video!

Graphic Design

You don’t need to waste another precious moment on design… Not a Photoshop, Illustrator, or Canva expert? We got you! From worksheets, lead magnets, promotional graphics to social posts, and website graphics – your Misfit VA will help you with that as well.

Social Media

From researching competitors in your industry, creating,  scheduling posts to run and managing communities or paid ad campaigns – we’ll take our time to help you get conversions, connect with your tribe, and get it right!

Funnels + Lead Generation

From connecting and messaging qualified prospects on LinkedIn, sending personalized cold emails, to getting more leads from your website – your Misfit VA will help you continue building the momentum for your business.

Research and Data Entry

The worldwide web can be the black hole of all rabbit holes. We know the shortcuts….and we have a flashlight. Our Misfit VA’s are experts in finding, gathering and organizing data. So podcast research, industry research can officially be a thing in the past!

Kajabi Website & Portal Design

Kajabi website, course, membership subscriptions, coaching portal, and more– design, build, customizations, and maintenance. Make your website, memberships, and coaching programs stand out from the rest.

Yes, I’m Ready To Get Started!


One last thing…
make me a promise.

Even if Misfit VA isn’t for you, and you don’t click the button to join...

Promise me you will NOT settle and go back to the “old way” of doing things. 

Don’t go back to “hustling.” Don’t remain trapped in doing tasks and work that make you resent your business. 

Let’s get smarter about the way you work and spend your time so you can do more of what you love? 


That’s all I ask… don’t settle for anything less than what you were created to achieve in this business.

Stop Trying to Desperately Do Everything Yourself!

Take the next 30 seconds so you can quickly build, grow, and scale your business while enjoying your Freedom!