3 Secrets No One Tells You When It Comes To Outsourcing

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Hey there Corporate Misfit!

We both know that running your own solo biz just feels so EMPOWERING, and it’s as if you can wear every hat and build the momentum in one go. 

But, let’s be real here! You may feel good and confident with tackling the tasks for your biz, but eventually, you’ll start to resent how time-consuming AND low-paying your labor is!

You see, as much as you’d want your business to be solely about you brainstorming course ideas, digital products, and the likes, you’ll have to deal with the solid foundation first.

This means that you’ll have to build your castle from scratch before you actually get people to inhabit it! Darling, you can’t rule a kingdom on your own. 

“But I can learn these tasks along the way; it’s just a matter of balancing my time!”

Right. As if working 10-14 hours a day isn’t enough and compromising your Sunday Funday with your fam will just get filled in eventually.

You can’t do everything on your own!

And the more you insist on doing so you’ll probably end up having a full-blown burnout. And it’s not just about your emotional stress; it’s also about your physical health.

According to the Gallup Wellbeing Index, entrepreneurs are 45% stressed out compared to other types of workers. And take note, this study was in 2012; what more with the current “hustle” culture?

Stop spreading yourself too thin on your business and start working smart.

The perfect way to do this is through outsourcing, and you might just be amazed at how it will make you feel in the end.

Of course, we get that you have certain doubts, so to encourage you onboard, it’s time to let you in with the sauce for your biz!

Here are three secrets  no one tells you when it comes to outsourcing

Outsourcing is simple, and you can do it even without prior experience.

We get it; it’s not easy to trust a virtual assistant to carry some of the weight of your tasks, especially if they’re from another country!

How are you supposed to delegate tasks and be assured of the quality of their work? Not to mention their reliability and competence. 

Can you really have a trustworthy team with you that doesn’t only do the work but actually understand and “get” your business?

Here’s the truth; it’s not that easy.

Most entrepreneurs will usually have a love-hate relationship with outsourcing on their first tries, and some even give up halfway!

It’s not just about their competence, you see, you’ll also have to set up their payroll, process their contract, manage quality control, guide them through training, monitor their work, etc., etc.

It’s honestly a lot of work, and you might even speed up your burnout! Yikes.

But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have virtual assistants that are actually competent and care for your business your first time!

We truly get you, and as an entrepreneur that experienced a failed business and suffered the repercussions of bad decisions.

That’s why we created the Misfit VA Program exactly for people like you.

You don’t have to experience all the secondhand stress and pain with outsourcing because you’ll be able to have highly-trained virtual assistants specializing in different fields.

We’ve handpicked virtual assistants and trained them for months with over 75+ tasks with completed certifications on Digital Marketer’s Email Marketing, Conversion Funnel, Search Marketing, Copywriting, Paid Traffic, Content Marketing, Content Creation, Social Media & Community, Analytics & Data, Conversion Optimization, and Testing Mastery, Kajabi and more.

Too good to be true? 

Well, you can definitely outsource on your own. Just be prepared for the natural setbacks and struggles along the way! 

Honestly, do yourself a favor by letting other people help you carry the burden of your business. You can start enjoying your work process again and solely focus on what you’re great at. 

With Misfit VA, you can do all of this without hiring employees, struggling with payroll, or wasting countless hours trying to find the perfect virtual assistant. 

Outsourcing is not only for big businesses.

Yes! You’ve heard that right; outsourcing doesn’t have to be exclusively for large companies that can dish out massive amounts of money for virtual assistants and getting higher returns.

You see, you actually don’t need every kind of virtual assistant to be a part of your team; you just have to pick the right ones that can actually contribute to your business growth as of the moment.

The trick here is that you’ll have to outsource tasks that you are already well versed in so that you can start cracking other difficult and essential functions for your business. 

Let’s say you’re pretty seasoned with copywriting and email marketing; you can delegate tasks like product descriptions, social media captions, blog articles, and email copies so you can focus on course creation and other chunks of essential writing material!

This way, you can assess their work quality because you already know the ropes of it.

Of course, it’s far better to outsource all the techie stuff as well because, let’s face it, you can’t just code on the go!

There are different kinds of tasks that you can outsource, even if you’re just a sole entrepreneur. 

Just because you’re starting your business doesn’t mean you’ll have to hustle every task just to feel that your success is earned.

Again, you can’t rule a kingdom on your own! Don’t fall into the trap of this thinking that you have to work for 50-80 hours a week.

With a Misfit VA that perfectly matches your current need, you’ll be able to focus on the actual parts that you truly love in your business while being assured that other aspects are well taken care of.


Outsourcing helps you reclaim your time.

It’s true, we all have the same amount of hours in a day as 🐝 Beyoncé, but we don’t all use our time in the same way. It turns out that successful people are usually great at handing off tasks and getting back to what they do best!

No more excuses!

It’s time that you reclaim your life by focusing on what makes you feel happy and purposeful.

With outsourcing, you’ll be able to work less, work with a purpose, and work smart.

Get your Sunday Funday back, learn a new skill, enjoy a relaxing time doing nothing productive, bask in the mundane joys of life.

Introducing Misfit VA

Stop wasting time staring at the blank computer screen.

Let our experts design, optimize a converting funnel or a landing page for your business using Kajabi, ClickFunnels, Leadpages & others. Make more money with what you already have. Plus, eliminate the stress of setting up automation.

Even if Misfit VA isn’t for you, promise us that you will NOT settle and go back to the “old way” of doing things. 

Don’t go back to “hustling.” Don’t remain trapped in doing tasks and work that make you resent your business. 

Let’s get smarter about the way you work and spend your time so you can do more of what you love? 


That’s all we ask… don’t settle for anything less than what you were created to achieve in this business.