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Monetize Your Business: 6 Ways To Successfully Turn Your Hobby Into A Business


Last weeks blog, How To Create A Bangin’ Business Strategy talked about the steps to get your business or hobby started. This week, I want to talk to you about having it make money! CHA-CHING!


If you have followed me for awhile, you'll notice that I focus on helping young entrepreneurs get started, make them profitable and scale their business so they can live more of the life that they want.


In case you've ever wondered how to make your hobby or business profitable, I have 6 ways that will instantly help bring the mula in! Many of these strategies can start working for you in the next 30 days. So let’s get started already, shall we?


#1 Affiliate Marketing

An effective way to bring in revenue and additional income is to find areas where your business can be complemented by another product or service and become an affiliate of them.

For instance, let's say that you started an online drop shipping store and your stores following is growing and...

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How To Create A Bangin' Business Strategy

Over the next month, I’m going to be doing a series called Business Basics, which is designed to show you a step by step process for creating your very own business. Hint: it's going to knock your socks off!

Alert: So, I did a recent survey of my audience (like you!) and almost 70% of people who responded said that they would love to learn how to start a profitable business. Awesome, right?


Well…kind of.

Of the people who responded, only about 12% said that they had actually started a business that is now profitable. The other 58% said they had no idea where to start and not sure what they're passionate about.

So, what gives? What’s with all the people who desire to do it compared to the small number of people who are actually making it happen?

For one, if you want to start a profitable business, you need to have a solid and strategic game plan in place. This is where today’s blog will come into place to help. I'm going to show you how to make a...

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5 Influencer Secrets That Generated 5-Figures

There has never been a better time to be a business owner. In 2018, businesses have access to millions of social influencers, celebrities and media outlets that can help promote your brand to your ideal audience.

Interested in working with a celebrity or social influencers to promote your product or service?
Wondering how to find and connect with the right influencers?
Social media influencers and celebrities can help share your brand message to a wider, yet tailored audience.

Today, I am going to share 5 secrets to help you land an opportunity with an influencer and help grow and bring awareness to your brand.


Secret #1: Identify Influencers Who Align With Your Brand

Identify bloggers, celebrities, or experts who share the same aesthetic as your brand. That makes research a crucial first step to finding an influencer since you’ll want an influential partner whose audience you’ll resonate. For example, if you work within the fitness and health industry, it might...

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10Awesome Biz Tax Write-Offs

As business owners, we all have one thing in common… TAXES!

If you’re like me, my accountant becomes my best friend several months leading to March 15th (Biz Taxes due in the U.S) and April 15th (Personal Taxes due in the U.S).

The IRS a.k.a Uncle Sam, released some biz information, that I’m actually excited to share. This information will save you and your business money… Yep IRS is sharing how to save money. Crazy!

See the 10 tax deductions to take advantage as a sole proprietor, partnerships, limited liability companies LLCs, C-corporations, and S-corporations.

Keep in mind, each legal entity set-ups might have slightly different rules for some deductions. In today’s blog, check out which of these tax deductions you can apply to your 2017 biz/personal tax returns.

                            >>Dowload your cheat...

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7 Ways To Start A Biz With No Money

Do you have the entrepreneurial itch? The one that keeps you up every night thinking how to turn your ideas into reality?

Or have you said to yourself, “I’ve got a great idea for a business but I don’t have any money to start it up.”

So, how do you get around it?

Well, I have you covered my friend. No money? No Problem. Here are 7 Ways You Can Start a Business Online with NO $$$.

Before we get started, I want to make it extremely clear that becoming a Corporate Misfit is not easy. It will require a TON of work and sometimes even sleepless nights. However, if you give these “7 Ways” your all and don’t accept failure as an option, I believe you can achieve business success with the ideas below.

Are You Ready?


From website software trials to marketing trials, take advantage of the free services to get your business up and going. The best part about trials is that you can test out the products...

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